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Welcome Tennessee Educators

Big Ideas Learning's Tennessee Math is built on a foundation of the most widely accepted research, including pedagogical components of Professor John Hattie's Visible Learning research. This pedagogical foundation helps form a clear, concise, and comprehensive vertically aligned solution.

Get Mathematically Prepared with Tennessee Math

to Tennessee Math Standards

Tennessee Math is a custom 6 -12 math program that is precisely aligned to meet Tennessee State Math Standards. In addition to these standards, a proven rigorous mathematics program by Big Ideas Learning incorporates real-world math applications to prepare Tennessee students for college and career-readiness.


Tennessee Math Resources

Internet Access for Rural Students

Connectivity Challenges for Students in Rural Areas and Economically Disadvantaged Communities

There are no schools or communities in the United States that weren’t impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, those located in rural and economically disadvantaged areas continue to struggle with bridging the digital divide.


Understanding Data from Formative Assessments: When Performance Does and Does Not Indicate Learning

It is vitally important that teachers know how to collect, interpret, and respond to data appropriately.

Tennessee Math Standards poster for download

Tennessee State Math Standards Poster

Big Ideas Learning is helping teachers and students understand Tennessee's Standards for Mathematical Practice with a free poster for your classroom.


Support to Empower Teachers

Big Ideas Learning provides teachers with everything they need to plan, teach, and assess to accelerate learning for all students.



Teachers can review Laurie's Notes in the print Teaching Edition or digitally in the Dynamic Classroom, making it easy to plan lessons at their convenience.



Teachers use the Dynamic Classroom to present lessons with engaging explorations, digital examples, and interactive practice all at their fingertips. They can even use the Flip-To feature to send students directly to a specific place in their Dynamic Student Edition.



With a variety of powerful assessment tools, teachers gain insight into actionable data, making it easier to provide all students with the exact support they need to be successful.


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